Installing new eavestrough with Fixa-Tech

Fixa-Tech fastens your new eavestroughs so securely to your home they can support the weight of three men at the same time.

What’s more, it covers your eavestroughs to protect them from leaves and debris!

Impressive Durability

Through its unique patented design, the Fixa-Tech eavestrough fastening system helps to create a unified structure that resists bending and twisting. Nothing can pull it off or damage it-not even bad weather!

The Fixa-Tech continuous eavestrough fastening system can support 250 lb. per linear foot (373 kg per linear metre). Fixa-Tech makes the eavestrough 50% stronger than traditional fasteners such as spikes or hangers.

The Fixa-Tech gutter fastening system adds strength and durability across the entire length of the eavestrough, not just near the spikes or hangers used in conventional fastening systems.

That’s because the spaces between the spikes and hangers actually reduce the strength of conventional eavestroughs. Fixa-Tech is a continuous hanging system that reinforces the eavestrough from end to end. There are no weak points.

Since your new eavestroughs are solidly mounted from end to end, neither ice nor ladders can damage them!

Alu-Rex products come in unpainted aluminum and copper so there is no risk of rust or flaking. Alu-Rex products come in the original colors of the materials machined by our suppliers. The finish is even guaranteed for 25 years!

Eavestrough Protection Automatically Included

The Fixa-Tech eavestrough fastening system delivers the same protection against leaves and debris as the Gutter Clean System leaf guard… in addition to providing the impressive durability we mentioned above.

With 312 perforations every 12 in. (30,5 cm), it can drain 29,7 in. (755 mm) of water per hour per linear foot, or

  • 3 times the amount of rainfall recorded in the heaviest precipitations worldwide

The performance of Fixa-Tech eavestrough fastening system and the Gutter Clean System leaf guard has been proven through independent testing.

Not only is Fixa-Tech very durable, it also protects your home against a number of potential problems, including water infiltrations and damage to your landscaping.

Applications of the Fixa-Tech eavestrough fastening system

The Fixa-Tech eavestrough fastening system can be used with all new eavestroughs, regardless of the width or materials used (except PVC). For more information, contact your nearest Alu-Rex products installer.

  • Securely fastens eavestroughs to your home
  • Supports 250 lb. per linear foot (373 kg per linear metre)
    —much more than the weight of 3 men!
  • Does not bend under the pressure of ladders or branches
  • Prevents leaf and debris buildup
  • Prevents ice and snow from getting into the eavestroughs
  • Does not rust or flake
  • Invisible from the ground
  • Drains 3 times more water than that recorded in the heaviest precipitations
  • Reduces the proliferation of mosquitoes and the spread of West Nile virus

For more information, please consult Fixa-Tech Technical Specifications.