Our representatives have many years of hands on experience, giving you the comfort of knowing you’re dealing with professionals who know how to solve your home improvement and roofing needs.

Our employees have up to 23 years experience in the industry. Giving you the homeowner peace of mind you’re getting the best possible job. Specializing in residential home improvements we only install top quality home improvement products that have been proven, tested and suited to our climate.

Rainer’s Roofing Team will supply all labour and materials to perform the following work in a professional and workman-like manner:

  • Install roofing to house, garage & shed with asphalt shingles
  • Install metal or unicrete roof
  • Protection of customer’s and neighbor’s property
  • Remove & dispose of existing shingles, metal flashing & such from a roof
  • Inspect and replace roofing boards if necessary at an extra cost
  • Install shingles with the color of your choice
  • Install ice and water shield membrane
  • Install asphalt roofing paper
  • Install one layer of starter shingles along the roof edge
  • Install valley flashing
  • Install drip edge
  • Replace old vents with new ones
  • Chimney
  • Remove installed soffit, fascia, eavestrough and downspouts
  • Skylights
  • Turbine
  • Leaking Repairs
  • Eavestrough cleaning
  • Thorough roof sealing of new roof flashing with high grade caulking
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